Journal Club

Journal Club for stochastic analysis of biochemical systems

4/21/2023 (Friday) 2pm

Speaker: Minjoon Kim

Paper: Tweedie, Richard L. “Criteria for ergodicity, exponential ergodicity and strong ergodicity of Markov processes.” Journal of Applied Probability 18, no. 1 (1981): 122-130.

Note: We will have pizzas before the journal club starts.


Speaker: Jinyoung Kim

Paper: Hong, Hyukpyo, Jinsu Kim, M. Ali Al-Radhawi, Eduardo D. Sontag, and Jae Kyoung Kim. “Derivation of stationary distributions of biochemical reaction networks via structure transformation.” Communications biology 4, no. 1 (2021): 620.

Past talks

3/3 and 3/10/2023

Speaker: Jinsu Kim

Paper: Kurtz, Thomas G. “The relationship between stochastic and deterministic models for chemical reactions.” The Journal of Chemical Physics 57.7 (1972): 2976-2978.


Speaker: Sukhwan Moon

Paper: Lee, Chang Hyeong, Kyeong-Hun Kim, and Pilwon Kim. “A moment closure method for stochastic reaction networks.” The Journal of chemical physics 130.13 (2009): 134107.

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